Additional Services

Variance Drawings
Jay Madden Architect has experience working with all local land use boards. We can provide base architectural plans and elevations as needed for a variance, present testimony at land use board hearings, and recommend attorneys and engineers/surveyors as needed.

CAFRA (Coastal Area Facility Review Act) Assistance
Properties located on a natural waterway (oceanfront, bayfront, natural lagoon) typically need NJDEP/CAFRA approval for any additions or new construction. We can help determine the extent of your allowable footprint, recommend engineers/surveyors and consultants, and can assist as needed with the application.

Local Consultant
If you are working with an out of town architect not familiar with the LBI area, Jay Madden Architect can provide additional assistance with local building departments, zoning, or codes as needed.

Contractor Referrals
Jay Madden Architect has extensive experience with local general contractors and specialized subcontractors, and can provide referrals and contact information.

Interior Design / Landscaping Services
Basic interior design services, such as lighting and finish material selection, and landscape design services for element like pools, walkways, decking and patios are available. If a client's needs exceed these basic services, referrals to interior and landscape designers can be made.